plasma cutter

nick boab

G,Day : I am considering buying a plasmas cutter for doing some mods & maintenance aswel other fabrication work in my daily business . nothing fancy , just for general .
So i wont a good quality machine (NOT ! a cheapy off ebay thanks) When it come to stuff like this I like to buy something at will stand up it .. have done a search here but can only see knockoffs :( so looking for a brand name & warranty etc .
If anyone can suggest anything they have used etc it would be appreciated :)


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Hypertherm is quaility.
Myself l've got an ebay (lotos) cheapie, and happy with it.
Even some of the brand name cutters have pretty poor duty cycle at higher amps, be sure to check it out.


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yea hard to go past Hypertherm if your really wanting top quality but they are BIG $$$

I have one built into my Tokentools TIG and it does the job nicely (especially seeing as i dont feed it great air)
but its pretty standard chinese affair


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Tradetools warrant all their gear. We use their welders and gensets no probs. They do a few plasma cutters.


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Have a look at the cut40 from BOC. On special at present time and is a quality product. One thing with a plasma is that you must have good clean air going to it, no water in the air .


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How much is it.Being a fronius I would say pretty expensive. what thickness of material do you want to cut. And what type of material do you wish to cut.