PK Ranger specific items for sale (Adelaide SA)

Les PK Ranger

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Most likely also suit PJ (3.0TD model).

4 steel stock size 15" rims and good Toyo Open Country AT tyres 235/75.
Twin extra short valves for TPMS, so no removing sensors to air up / down.
Painted dark grey eurethane 2K to match PK wheel arch flares.
7mm to 8mm tread depth, in great condition with even wear.
The best AT tyre I've ever drive on for sure, many more km in these.
(Also included, a couple of Khumo AT51 carcasses, suitable for desert spares, 6mm tread.)

Asking $450

Ranger_wheels_1.jpg Ranger_wheels_2.jpg

Ranger_wheels_3.jpg Ranger_wheels_4.jpg

PK MAF sensor, OBD2 MAF relearn dongle, OBD2 double adapter cable
MAF relearn dongle $25
OBD2 double adapter $15

OBD2 stuff.jpg

2 OEM CV complete shafts, left / right . . . bought new ones when I thought I blew a right hand one, turned out the be a transfer case output shaft (ouch !).
Anyway, mech torn a boot taking one out, so just needs one replaced when fitting, the OEM ones are strong (obviously), or the TC output shafts are weak as !
They're in boxes out in the shed, can take photos if anyone wants to see them.
Asking $100 for the pair.

Radiator for auto (or manual) Ford OEM
Also in a box, can take pics if you like . . . replaced thinking a mild overheating problem was the radiator, when it was the water pump.
Will throw in new top & bottom radiator hoses I had spares for longer outback trips.

Thanks, any question by PM or here in the thread.
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Hi, if the Ranger PK OBD2 double cable and the MAF relearn dongle are still available I would love to grab them. Happy to pay via PayPal if that suits if you are happy to post them to me at cost to Merimbula, NSW, postcode 2548. I have a 2009 Pk 3 litre cab chassis 4x4. PM me if you want to sell. Cheers, Norm