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PJ 2008 Ranger Auto o/d light flashes

Discussion in 'Ford / Mazda' started by Brian A, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Brian A

    Brian A New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    In the past few months the o/d light flashed on a reasonably warm day with vehicle on a long run. Problem happened on a long downhill stretch when I used the o/d switch for engine braking. Pulled over and let the trans cool, no change. Started up next day light didn't flash and has been OK up until now. Fault code through OBDI suggests "incorrect ratio on 5th gear". It did it again recently on a cold day and short run. Again OBDI code says same. I have investigated via Auto trans specialist, who will fix that problem for $2500! If its a more serious problem it could be a reco box for $5000+.
    Also fault evident at over 200,00 kMs. Mine is at 131,00kM's. Is this a common problem?
    Brian A
  2. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Heya Brian, welcome to Earth, your first post hey ?

    I haven't heard of or seen this about before, so had a google for you.
    Do you remember if it was a P0735 code ???

    Found quite a few threads / pages of interest . . .

    Hope that helps.

    Maybe pop over to new member section and say hello, tell us about yourself and what you do with the Ranger.

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