Pilbara trek part 1 and part 2 and part 3


In June this year me and a couple of mates headed up to the Pilbara for 10 days, covering some 3500 kms and venturing back to some locations last visited 10 years ago. Attached is part one - Bilyuin Pool to Kalgan Pool.

I still need to work on some of the finer movements with the Spark, but its a bit hard trying to see whats on the screen of the S9 in bright daylight with old mans eyes.

Hopefully part two wont take so long.

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Nice one. The spark is painful for pan shots without the 3rd axis gimbal hey. I hacked mine to make it slower, but it still stop/starts and is unsmooth.


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Great part of the world. I havent been out to many of the areas in the East Pilbara for many years - must make some time to head back there sometime


Been up through Rudall River (next episode) a few times now, it was very dry again this year. I've yet to see water in Jarra Pool and on a good year Desert Queens Baths is just about my favourite spot anywhere, but I nearly lost an eye there this year. We walked several kms up the gorge, I had a hat and fly net on and while looking down at my foot placement walked straight into a branch. The only thing that saved my left eye was the fly net. Very scary experience there for a few seconds.


Part three attached. House renovations, family life and a touch of laziness have resulted in this taking a whole lot longer than anticipated.


Joe Fury

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Part three attached. House renovations, family life and a touch of laziness have resulted in this taking a whole lot longer than anticipated.

G'day RainmanWA
I trust you won't mind my commenting on your Pilbara-trek post, the apology is based on the fact that I am commenting on a place and destination you have chosen to show the folks who dared to take a look.

Much has changed in the time that you first showed of the drive into Kalgan Pool, the scene is very much different and it just took a few days worth of steady rain courtesy of a couple of quickly moving 'tropical lows' that breezed through earlier this wet season, though not a huge amount of rain when compared to most previous wet seasons, my back yard gauging records show an overall total of 287 millimetres for these rain events.

Kalgan Pool is brim full again and hopefully with more rain during the 'southern winter' period it will stay reasonably full for a long while to come.



The long stretch of water you had to negotiate on the journey in to the pool, showed your progress through the bullrush channel, this has now for the most part been wiped clean by the flood waters that came down Kalgan Creek, the actual water levels must have been fantastic judging by the height of the debris in places along the creek.


The scene along the base of the cliff line into the pool, in your video shows you in a 'dry creek bed' ~ not so now.

Kalgan Creek down stream of the pool.

Finally, the track in from the rail line is even more corrugated and washed away in places, so the journey in is much slower but more scenic.
This washed out section is well undercut and my guess is that it will fall into the watercourse sometime soon.


Thank you for taking the time and effort in coming to and showing our fellow 'armchair' adventurers what is a really remarkable part of the big state I call home.

Safe travels : Joe Fury
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Great pics Joe. My first visit to Kalgan Pool was in 2007, it had a lot more water in it then than this last visit, but not as much as your photos. It was pretty dry up there last year which was a bit disappointing, I'm still yet to see water in Jarra pool. DQB is just about my favourite place, this time we managed to walk a fair way up one of the gorges, climbing out onto a flat plain. The last time I was there a big fire had been through that area of the park and it looked like a lunar landscape and the camping was pretty harsh.