Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places


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In regards to the painted silo's in Vic ,We here in Qld also have a few. This one's in Thallon. Population about 260 its between Mungindi and St George .Not far up the road is the Nindigully Pub .

John U

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I love it that you are getting out and about. But I must admit that most 'silo art' I've seen in S.A. and Vic. does little to impress me and I'd rather see the silos painted plain white. Yeh, I know most will disagree and I'll get howled down for suggesting such!? :)
I do admit that 'the proof is in the pudding', and it does generate tourist visitation to these communities. However, the artist in me would love to see more creativity (doing something original/different/more creative). This gives an example applicable to an urban site in Vancouver, Canada.
I went to Granville Island in 1997. I don’t remember seeing the silos. I reckon plain white would be pretty forgettable.
On our trip I had my young fella navigating and looking up facts on the places we were going through. The silo art was a bit of a detour but a small price to pay to have a navi instead of someone glued to the internet elsewhere. The artwork was pretty good.

Rusty Panels

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Took the missus down to Boydtown for the weekend for our 40th. We went for a run out to Boyd's tower and Green Cape lighthouse, what a spectacular part of the South Coast. Yes I got some mud on the Everest but it's not worth seeing so have a couple of photos of the area instead.
The bushfires burnt all the way to the waters edge much like it did at home. Good to see some of it is greening up again.