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Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places


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Hi Guys,

Seen a thread like this on other forums and thought I'd start one as I love photography and going offroad even more!

Rule : Max of 4 per day.
Rule : Must have your 4wd in the photo , and must be offroad (either parked up in a scenic spot, or being actively used .. whatever floats your boat).

My first two, from a beach run to Cape Le Grand

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ATTACH] uploadfromtaptalk1373872691998.jpg
First one is the bridle track in southern flinders.
2nd one is parked on an airstrip half way between silverton and cameron corner.
Just for the record we didnt realize it was an airstrip as we made camp there at 9.30 the night before, lol.
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This is my is my old hilux, on barry way. Between jindabyne nsw and buchan vic. Can't remember why we decided to stand on roof! But beautiful part of tne world! uploadfromtaptalk1373873139317.jpg


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This is one of my favourite photos of my Hilux, mainly because it turned out good for photo taken with an iphone4.

It was taken around last easter, just before the camping ban on Stockton beach.



Mac man Luke. What size wheels and tyres are you running? Also with what offset? Looks great.
I'm looking for my BT but don't want them to scrub etc. I have a 2" lift.