Are you interested in Photography?

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How many members are interested in Photography. Whenever we go out with Cruiserlad he gets frustrated when we stop every 5 mins to take more photos. Would love to learn more from someone who is proficient in Photography.


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Gee goldrush, these polls are keeping us busy. That's three big decisions I've had to make today.
I'm not into taking photos . . . . but I like looking at them.



I must admit with digital cameras everyone can have a go. If your not happy with it, just delete it. :p


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I love taking and looking at photos. I like to share them with people who are not able to share our magnificent country side. (city slickers from work)



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I like taking pic's while I'm out & about, I even have my own page on Flikr ( mostly trucks) I go under the name Goldnbrownman.


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I enjoy photography. Both taking and lookong. I have 35 mm Digital Nikon with a big zoom thing. I'm to lazy to read the manual. I've read shorter novels!!


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Goldrush I love photography. Just did a 6 week TAFE course. I have a Canon 350D, soon to upgraded. Here's my fav pic ever. I took it on the Gordon River Cruise in Tassie.


Not displaying the pic correctly but you can view it here: "Sunset Cruise" Fine Art Print by Shane Dollery - RedBubble


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I love photography and I am studying a 4 year Adv Dip of Photography.
I am almost 2 years through it.
If anyone has specific questions I am happy to help out.


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I've attached a few landscape photos for you NickJ.


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Thought I'd post a few tips, (not that I'm the greatest photographer) and there's always more to learn but I thought it may help. The thing is with photography that almost anyone can do it. Sometimes it just comes down to being in the right place at the right time
* Know some basic composition rules - easy google search
* Use a good camera, not everyone needs an SLR but a good compact makes a difference
* Know how to use your camera, what setting does what?
* Use a tripod or monopod where you can
* Let the subject speak for itself.
* Don't rush your shots and have a plan. Our landscapes are so varied and beautiful it's almost hard not to take good shots if you plan it
* If you have more than 6Mp's try not to zoom in too far, take slightly a wider shot and crop if required on your pc. You'll be amazed at the difference this will make.
* Get out there and practice. Takes lots of photos, delete the crap and be critical of your own work
* Look at online exhibitions, go to galleries. See what makes the difference between an average shot and an awesome one to you.

The challenge we face as photographers is to make our photos invoke the same emotions as seeing the real thing. I get inspired everytime I see something new, or go somewhere else. As a 4wder it means everytime I pack the truck I get the opportunity to challenge myself as a photographer. Enjoy the challenge.


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Very nice!
Hope you can make it to O'Tooles in November. Official photographer??



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Some good tips there.
Know what you camera can do and what it does do.
A photo that evokes emotion is always considered better than one that is technically good.
Also looking at images in galleries, magazines or the internet is what helps you improve.

When you have taken your photos, it is always worthwhile to force yourself to take 4 more as this is when you get creative and get the shot that others don't. If you are struggling to take 4 more... turn around and take it from a different angle.

Unfortunatley I can not make it to O'Tooles in November.

I am at a point in my life where it is hard to get away as much as I would like so when I do I want to record those memories. When I was younger I took a lot of the beautiful places I visited so regularly for granted.