Pays to shop around!


Just thought I'd throw a line in and say it really does pay to shop around when you need spare parts for your 4by. I wanted brake pads and shoes for the Hilux and started with a Toyota dealer only to find they wanted nearly $360 for the above mentioned parts in the (Bendex brand) - that was the benchmark because as we all know, the dealer is always the most expensive. I then called ABS and PBR and they were much more reasonable (nearly $100 less than Toyota) and only within a few bucks of each other, next was Terrain Tamer, they were nearly $150 less than Toyota again, for all the same bits (including brand) as the others WTF! Who's making a sh@t load of profit here? So in conclusion, I saved nearly $150 by making 3 phone calls (90 cents). Thanks Terrain Tamer.


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I agree, a few phone calls can be very rewarding when looking for parts.


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Try Repco for most replacement parts such as brake shoes etc etc. They have most stuff and prices are not too bad. They are also usually pretty local to most places.


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Terrain Tamer has good parts. I will be buying more of a my part from them in the future. The local distributor had Safari snorkels at less $80 than the closest quote I had


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also depends on who you know.. as i work in the spare parts industrie pricers arn't that bad. but yeah defently pays to shop around.


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Totally agree about Terrain Tamer, they looked after us when the diff went on the 'Cruiser.