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hey peeps this might sound silly i am trying to find out what my payload is on my 2007 4.7 v8 100 series LC i cant find it in my book
and on the internet there is no help, some say 760kgs some 935kgs any help please


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thanks guys awesome help.
so if i have a couple of extras i just take them off the payload.
i have a factory alloy bar and a roof rack that's it

Les PK Ranger

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Easier to take it down to the local tip and weight it.

Yep, and our local metal recycle places will generally weight them too, sometimes for a small fee, or if I'm taking a pile of bottles / cans in they say sure go over and we'll weigh it up :)

Specs tare / kerb weights are not important, just know your vehicle GVM, get it weighed with normal fit out, GVM - actual weight = payload available (to stay legal).
Be aware of water / fuel tanks, maybe weight with full fuel, then trip parameters can determine and let you add water x *lt x 1kg . . . then other gear supplies.