Pathfinder R50 1999


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Pathfinder R50, 1999

Good Points
Comfy on-road, handles well off-road, good low down torque & towing capacity, reasonable clearance, custom roof-racks. reasonable fuel consumption too, around 11-12/100 hway & 14-15 traffic & offroad.

Bad Points
fixed towbar (not detachable), small fuel tank, stock suspension. no rated recovery point a rear. Limited in terms of Mods. No diesel option in this model.

What mods have you done?
40mm lift king springs & KYB shocks & Struts

What mods are on the list to do?
Snorkel, ECB big tube bar, Cooper STs, just to start, more as i see fit.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Only wanted a mid size 4by for my first. was looking at Cherokee, Challenger or a Disco, but stumbled across the Pathy. It's tough, handles really well on & off road & in my opinion is a pretty underated 4by, a bit of lift, some A/T tyres & a Snorkel and i reckon he'll do everything i want from him.

How often do you go offroad?
Whenever i can!

What will your next vehicle be?
Really happy with the Pathy at the mo, maybe a Wrangler further down the line


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The Pathfinder was one of the vehicles I was looking at and get good wraps from the owners. I like the older shape but all have a over temp sensor on the automatics which can stop anywhere. This was a problem as I like tripping to the islands and beaches. The overheating occurs on soft sand or heavy towing.


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Not 100% sure on the over temp sensor thing.

The Xtrails had that and they would often die in heavy going reverting to front wheel drive.

I'm in the Pathfinder forum Pathfinders' Club of Australia Home Page and i don't remember anyone having issues with temp cut out on the transmission and a lot of us Pathfinder owners do sand work.

But of course i could be wrong too :)

Anyway i can add that an R50 is a great car!

I put 2.5 inch exhaust on mine and it made all the difference in the world!




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Apart from the V6 being a thirsty lump, it’s unusual to hear about Pathfinder problems, mostly because they don’t have many! One area they have dramas with is the complex auto 4WD system, which can often appear to have chucked in the towel big-time when, in fact, it’s just sitting there having a little lie down. I’ve had a Pathfinder lock in low-range after a severe water crossing only to pop out easily a few hours later when a connection must have finally dried out. The automatic gearbox has a built in, temperature controlled, cut-out switch. Overdo it in sand or something, and it’ll shut down, refusing to drive until the transmission’s cooled down. But damn, what sort of test drive were you planning anyway?


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Ahhhhhh thats where you got it from!!!!

I have read that article but not 100% convinced that is the case, there is indeed a temp sensor and part of what it does is tell the torque converter to lock up when the transmission is suffciently warm.

I have noted that with that magazine it is prone to the odd mistake.

I'll post the problem in the Pathfinder forum and see what they say :)




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I heard about this prior to that. The guy was hammering up soft sand on Moreton Island trying to get back to camp and it got to hot then it stopped. He waited 10 minutes or so off he went. He thought he had a fault but the service guys checked and found the sensor tripped. He was going really hard on the sand for a long time to get it to trip. Normal driving wouldn't cause this


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hey dnine

Welcome to the forum. Heaps of good info and trips here.

I have some BFG Mud Terrains with 10mm tread left on them for sale to fit R50 Pathy if you are interested?

See them in the classifieds here on 4x4 Earth forum or Pathfinder forum..

Check out PCoA • Index page for dedicated Pathfinder info.



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pathy at temp

i have done quite a lot of sand driving and heavy towing and have never had a problem. However i have installed a fairly large transmission cooler with its own thermo fan.



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Weak front suspension

I had a 1999 R50 for nearly 5 years.

We had a LOT of fun with the Pathy - High Country & the Centre a few times, BUT PAID A PRICE!

Simpson Desert with standard suspension - A bit tough on some of the sand hills but made it OK (Used 142 ltrs from Oodnadatta to Birdsville BTW)

(2" lift - Tough Dog shocks)
Kimberleys - Michell plateau -SNAPPED the front left suspension at the top - Both shocks failed - lost the front left brakes. Took us 5 days to get back to Broome after a Bush weld - VERY CAREFULL ON THE BRAKES!:rolleyes:
(Fixed after a week & continued on to the Gulf)

GULF near Roper River - SNAPPED the front right suspension at the top - Both shocks failed - Bush weld & we got all the way back to Sydney.

(2" lift Bilsteen Shocks)
CAPE YORK - Near Captain Billys Landing - SNAPPED the front left suspension - Only one shock failed :D - Bush weld & we got all the way back to Sydney - AGAIN!

Started to get cracks in the Firewall & CALLED IT QUITS!!! - Bought a PATROL & haven't looked back.

(Suggestion - Carry SPRING COMPRESSORS & know how to BUSH WELD!:cool:)


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Sounds like u had fun with the Pathy, funny thing is that i traded up for a Patrol too, this bad boy!

Don't get me wrong - I LOVED driving the Pathy particularly the 4WD Auto on sealed roads - I had NO other problems with it. None of the heating problems or the 4wd system - With the Pathy you can change into 4WD up to 80 kph (Can't do that in a Patrol) , I loved that.


It wasn't designed for what we used it for. We travelled throughout Australia with a Mits. Colt & thought we would get a Pathy IN CASE we went off road & did a 4WD course IN CASE we went off road. On the training course (Commercial) we saw a brochure for a Tag-A-Long trip through the Simpson Desert.

BAD MOVE!!!! - WE LOVED IT!!!! (You ALL know the rest - WERE SUCKED IN!) :D

Hint:- Take the rubber cap off the top of the front suspension after ruff stuff AND MAKE SHORE THE NUT IS TIGHT.
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