Parks pass for Vic High Country

Guys a quick question, I have a trip arranged for mid November to the Vic High Country. Will be around Craigs hut, Wonongatta Station, Blue Rag and Jamieson do I need a parks pass????


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No passes/permits required for Vic outside seasonal closure times. There is the odd track with extended seasonal closures to late November but looks like your destinations are clear. Main one would be Clear Hills Tk over Mt Stirling (near Craig's Hut) is still closed through November, but it's not on the seasonal closures list as it's managed by ski resorts. Can still get to Craig's via Monument Tk or the northern section of Clear Hills Tk.
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Flame suit on, ready set go...
As much as paying the SA Desert Parks Pass sucked last year, after doing the trip the $150 was forgotten and a minor cost for the trip. After seeing the maintenance of the roads, the exceptional quality and cleanliness of the pit toilets and camp sites who gives a ...
As great that it is we vics don't have to pay, and in an ideal world nor should we, I think we should have a Parks Pass or 4wding permit system.
This would generate funds to maintain camp grounds and more importantly , if spent correctly, could put rangers out there to stop some of the bush bastardry that goes on, because lets face it in 20 years time the state parks will look like a tip or be totally closed down.
Now to go and empty my wheel bag of dirty recovery gear and a dozen empty cans, stubbies and water bottles collected from the side of the track after yesterdays car busting winch fest


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Couldn't agree more.
A few years back ParksVic budget was gutted. Of course the impact was felt most on the ground. Eg. one Alpine NP block I'm familiar with has over 200,000 hectares to be looked after by all of 3 rangers.
Currently funding comes from a range of sources, and this has to be cleared up and boosted if we want to manage the conflicts between preservation of natural and historical values, water supply, and recreation.