pajaro transfer case


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hi i have a 93 pajaro i have been having trouble with putting in into 4wd when it goes in it wont come out for ages i can get it into high range but no lo can some one please tell me if they have had the problem and how to fix it thanks:)

Ekki Adventurers

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After a quick look in the workshop manual

Wookie's guess,
Your selector components may have worn out in the transfer case.
Ouch - rebuild the transfercase.

Maybe time to have a specialist look at it - or try the rebuild youself.


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check out the front diff switches which are located on the right hand inner guard they are a common problem with diff lights flashing and not engaging correctly .... also check switch on front diff also sometimes vacumme line can come off as well
see how you go there


Give Robz a PM sounds like something similar to what he had problems with when he had his Paj.