Paint Scratches on N70 - 040 Glacier White


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Recently, I found that the side of my N70 has been scrapped by possibly a trolley or deliberately. I take good care of the truck but wondering how it would be possible for me to get this sorted by myself.

What sort of undercoat/anti-rust (if any) I need to buy first then the 040 Glacier white paint etc.? Where could I go to get this paint also?

I know I am googling it as well but just wanted the reader thoughts...

Thank you.

Rusty Panels

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It takes a bit of practice to repair scratches properly so, if you're really concerned about it then might pay you to have it repaired properly. That depends on how bad it is and how much money you're prepared to part with. The reality is that if you take it off road and get into some serious off road action then you will probably end up with worse.
In the meantime ,why not learn how to do your own repair work. The important part is the preparation.