oztoppo and garmin toppo australia - are these value for money?


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The missus bought me a nuvi 1390 on the weekend for my b'day. I have done a lot of getting used to all things GPS.

I have shonky maps and the 5m Contours australia maps loaded onto an SD card so they are handy.

I have come across a couple of paid map such as oztoppo and garmin toppo australia. These seem to be a little pricey considering I cannot trial them. What are others thoughts on these?

My theory is you get what you pay for, but this does not always ring true these days. Are these going to be any better than what I already have, or is it woth the dosh?


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I would go and look at the product first. $200 for the Garmin Toppo maps steap but I have noticed cheaper prices on eBay. It may be illegal copies on eBay you just don't know


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I suggest you stay with what you have for now except to also look at "open street map" (free) to give you cities and which include routable maps. Shonky is pretty good. I have recently bought Oztopo and that is looking good too but shonky might be all you need for now. IF the 5m contours is too much have a look for Contours 2.0 - also free from the same bloke but with 10m contour lines.


My experience is this,Ive have the Magellen XL and Garmin Nuvi

The Mag is the best mapping for correct info etc etc i hav come across to date.I like the Garmin Topo to with its auto rerouting,rich mapping detail etc etc.Now i have read about its shortfalls in other states and people are not happy about it,That was over a year ago and they may hav corrected this issue...
Shonkey maps is ok too but not as good as the above...

Hope this spins ya brain a bit more lol ;):):):):):):):):)


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I bought the Garmin toppo maps and wouldnt recommend it but maybe im not using it properly


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I think I might hold on to my hard earned cash. Now I just need find somwhere to hide it so the missus doesnt spend it on me!