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Oztent Rv3

Discussion in 'Tents' started by LowLux, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    Is anyone in the know with the OZTENT? We're looking at getting one and want to make know a couple of things; 1). Are they as good as they say? 2). Is the after sales service as good as they say and finally 3). Are they worth the money paid? Be even more handy if there is someone here that deals in them as we could order one through someone here if the price is right!
  2. Adventure guy

    Adventure guy New Member

  3. Dreadful

    Dreadful New Member

    Lolux , I don't have one personally but have seen em in action ...a good mate owns one and swears by it ,well worth the coin he reckons :cool:
  4. shaneg

    shaneg Member

    Look up user knot_gillty...he is a dealer for them.
  5. knot_gillty

    knot_gillty Active Member

    Yes i am!! Can't compete with the ebay/trading post price though. I'm also in Vic so its a short drive for you...:rolleyes:;)

    VERY easy to put up, literally only 30 seconds!! We had someone ring up the other day saying they get a bit of condensation though. Are they worth the money?? It's a big outlay for a tent! But if it usually takes you about 30-45 mins to put up your current tent, as well as arguments with the other half then i would say it's worth it.

    They also have bloody good camp chairs and stretcher beds, both rated to 150kg (Frosty size, just ;):D).
  6. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    Well I just had my new OZTENT RV3 (with 2 standard sidewalls) delivered today and I'm certainly bringing it to O'tooles. Got the whole lot with delivery for $1100. I got it from OZTENT direct.
  7. Ekki Adventurers

    Ekki Adventurers 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Excellent, I'm hoping to post our new setup soon and can't wait to see yours.
  8. Knackers

    Knackers Active Member

    Hi Lowlux. I've got a Oztent. One of the original light green models. Have been really happy with it. I've got the side walls and the extra bit for across the front of the two side panels. I don't use the side panels much, bit of a nuisance to put up. I recommend the getting the fly, does a really good job.

    Biggest drawback is the shape it folds to. I haven't got roof racks on the current vehicle.

  9. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    Know what you mean Knackers. It's 2m long but I have the roof racks to throw it on...just a home job on the roof racks but they work. I can't believe how easy they are to set-up and take down. Been practicing ya see. I was a little disappointed to see that they are designed by an Aussie but manufactured in China..what a crapper that is.
  10. lecruiser

    lecruiser Member

    Sign of the times my friend.:(
    But they are definatly a great tent, and very easy to put up.:D
  11. grit

    grit New Member

    I have had an RV3 (Oztent) for a while now and it (barely) fits inside my Jeep Cherokee, if I don't want to carry it on top. Main thing to watch is that you peg it down, they like to roll in strong wind and at the least that will damage or break the folding corners. Although the basic tent can be up in about 20 seconds, fitting the awning sides can take a bit longer. They have recently come up with a free standing screen room that fits perfectly under the awning and is a lot less hassle.

    My track buddy has the RV5 (largest) and decent sized stretchers fit well. I have Oztent 'Goanna' Stretchers and they are a very tight fit in an RV3.

    The Fly cover is a very worthwhile investment. Heaps cooler in summer and stops any possible condensation (especially if the roof is touched). Some simply flick the awning back over the tent with the poles placed at the back corners, not a good idea in an area with lots of large birds.
  12. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    I use the vecldro attachment to assist me when putting the side panels on and it doesn't seem to be a hassle at all to do but I did notice that one of the "high quality" zips is not what I consider to be in the best of shape but hasn't gone wrong yet so fingers crossed.
  13. Bazz

    Bazz New Member

    G'day low lux. i have a had an oztent for about 4 years now and have never had a complaint with it. great tent and easy to set up and very roomy inside. i reckon they're worth the money. We're looking at getting the side panels now and it was interesting to hear that they're a bit of a bugger to put up though. None the less it's a great tent.
  14. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    They're no problem to me. I have absolutely no complaints about them. I love it and I can't believe how easy they are to put up and take down, even the side panels are easy to do. I had it up in the hills here recently on a trip, it was a blistery night, wet and very windy - the wife and I almost felt like we were in a house it was that warm, air tight, dry and cozy.
  15. rodw

    rodw New Member

    I don' think the side panels are hard at all. I have the Peaked side panels and leave the tent fully assembled. Stand the main section up, then the peaked rail, then the front one, Push the rails out as far as you can and twist them to lock them before getting the legs the right length. Use a couple of pegs if you have to to hold each rail up.
  16. grit

    grit New Member

    I guess my previous post may have made it seem that I was complaining that fitting the side panels was a hassle. I was simply stating that the new screen room is (IMHO) an improvement over the side panels. I have the peaked sides, and we often position 2 Oz tents facing each other sharing double awnings with sides enclosed. I also have an Oztrail Gazebo with sides which doesn't take any longer to set up and provides a much larger area and is free-standing. Its nice to cook and eat without the bugs (well, 'less bugs').

    It all depends on how long you expect to be camped in the one spot. At Ferndale I simply flicked the tent up and backed the vehicle up to it. Best way to go when its just for one night. A swag would have been the best option as it was only setup for sleeping. I had my grandson with me so opted for the Oztent without poles or ropes. On stretchers with 2" mattress and minus 5c sleeping bag (I prefer large bags that are not tapered) it was snug.

    A ground sheet is also a good investment and makes packing it back in the bag quicker and cleaner. Unfortunately I again realised this persistent oversight only when packing up next morning.
  17. LowLux

    LowLux Moderator

    Understood grit. I'm looking forard to getting the accessories to go with it i.e. the gazeebo etc.
  18. cameron

    cameron New Member

    We have just completed our first trip with an Oztent 4. We went that way for the two of us because our experience with other tents is that there is never enough room inside them. Two man tents are for two midgets! It certainly goes up in a flash. The main drawback is the size when folded up and the need to heave it up onto the roof (they are not light). We have no experience with it yet in a big blow or storm, but in good conditions it has worked well for us to date.
  19. rodw

    rodw New Member

    I've got the RV also and just came back from 5 days at Moreton Island. We initially set up right on the beach and put up the fly, peaked sidewalls and front panel. After a couple of nights the wind got up and was blowing a strong gale. I buried the botom of the sidewalls with sand. I was really impressed with how it stood up. The front section flapped a bit but the main section under the frame was rock solid all night. The next day we decided to relocate camp to a more protected site nearby. This time we left the sidewalls off. We decided we prefer the tent this way and it is much easier to get up on the roof.

    On our return, we purchased new X leg camp stretchers and timed a setup in the back yard with everything packed away. Pegging out the Oztent goundsheet, erecting the tent and fly properly pegged out and having the stretchers erected, in the tent and 4WD mats rolled out on them took under 17 minutes! All that would remain to be done for an overnight stop would be to put the stove up. It is hard to find the right stretcher for the RV4 and we had been looking for a while but the medium Aluminium one from Outdoor Connection fits nicely.
  20. bmurray2250

    bmurray2250 4x4 Earth Contributer

    The best tent I have seen to date has no poles. It is held up by pumping air into tube with a car pump. It is held to the ground with 13- 15 pegs. The down side is it must be covered to stop the Aussie damaging the air tubes.

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