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Hi, If the legs on your Oz Tent Jet Tent will not fold when packing up the tent; the chances are that one or more of the crimps (swages) which form loops inside the legs have failed. I have experienced this exact problem. With assistance from Oz Tent appalling, I was determined not to be beaten and see my great (and expensive) tent becoming landfill.
I have written up the step by step procedure to fix the tent. If you are having difficulty or live near / pass by Wollongong NSW I can assist in the repair.

Oz Tent Jet Tent Repair

Stainless steel cables run through each leg.

Each cable has two crimps. One crimp which forms a loop in the wire at the top and one that forms a loop at the bottom. I guess either one can fail (most likely the bottom one).

It is most likely your cable has slipped through the weak crimp which does not allow tension and the leg locking into place and also will not allow deactivation of the pin when folding up the leg. The crimp is most likely still partially attached.

You need to cut the cable with the swaging tool and totally remove and replace the cable. With the cable passing through a spring loaded pin, you will not have access to the failed crimp which is located inside the hollow leg otherwise.

There is access to the cable at the top end via a small plate held in place by a screw. A screw "pin" goes through the top loop in the cable.

There is access at the lower part of the leg where the cable feeds through a spring loaded pin with an eye for the cable to run through.

With my tent the bottom crimp failed. I had to remove the cable by cutting it with the swaging tool cutter on the side of the tool.

Step 1) Release the top loop by removing the plate to view and screw pin which goes through the top loop.

Step 2) Cut and pull the cable to totally remove it.

Step 3) Push a thin rod (I used a thin fiberglass kite rod) with strong string taped to the end of it through the leg tube (the other end of the string tied to the pre crimped loop of the replacement stainless steel cable).

Pull the string pulling the top loop of the stainless steel cable to where the pin will go through the loop to secure it. I mark the lower end of the cable to the exact length. Put the wire through the swage first, then through the "eye" of the spring loaded pin feeding the end of the wire back into the swage for crimping.

.... Yes, I know it sounds a bit tricky. It took a lot of thought / trial and error (a bit of swearing) to have worked it out...... OK, a LOT of swearing.

1) Easy fix option. Buy a new leg from Oz Tent ..... around $90 from memory. Be aware, you are buying the same poor quality crimps. Communication with Oz Tent was appalling.

2) Fix it as per instructions. You will need 3mm stainless steel cable, swages and swage tool available from Bunnings I recall I paid around $90 for all three items

3) I make up new stainless steel cables pre marked to the correct length to replace your cable / cables.

4) If in the Wollongong area NSW, I am happy to assist / fix your Oz Tent Jet Tent

TIP: When crimping the swages, position the swages upright (NOT flat) in the tool. You will see in the cables I made up (photos attached) that I got it wrong first crimp so I re crimped it correctly second crimp .... to be sure, to be sure.



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If the swages are taking weight which I suspect they are, try putting a flemish eye into the wire rope prior to crimping it. There will be next to zero weight on the crimp. Old game fishing trick.


Repairs By Pete

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Great little video attachment thanks Cam04. A nice lesson in physics. The new crimps do the job unlike the original swages, and it is easy to get the exact cable length which is crucial in this set up. Cheers