Oxygen Thieves


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Well that is one of the only descriptions that I can use on a public forum to describe the low life that stole the driving lights from our motorhome.

Not that there is a good time for a theft, but so close to heading off on our lap it is just one more expense that we can ill afford.

The frightening thing is we had a friend staying in the motorhome with a dog and nobody heard a thing.

Will be welding the nuts on when i get the replacements. - I reckon even after a couple of drinks I would hear a grinder.

Now i am paranoid so will be spending even more on lock nuts and such for teh 4x trailer and motorhome.


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I know how you feel, I had my IPF 900 Xtreme Sport Series driving lights knocked off from my Navara a few years ago, so mate I certainly know how you feel.

Les PK Ranger

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Yeah mate, what's the world coming to . . . can't even work hard to have some nice stuff to play with, and not have some thieving ******* think it's ok to just take it.

It's even more discouraging when you hear about this happening on the bush.

I'm going to get out and engrave my rego # prominently in the top on mine, and like you say, tack weld the nuts on.

Drill a hole 1/4" into the bolt just below the nut and put a short pop rivet might be another way to do it too.
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Big Matt

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I made a light cage for a mate a few years ago that made it impossible to get the lights out without cutting the cage off (impossible for him as well) the cage was welded on after the lights were fitted. You could still adjust them with the cage on but that was about it, even required cutting one bar out to change globes (we made that an easier one to get out) but he never had to do that

Still sux that you have to do that to keep your stuff safe(ish)

Mind you he had 3 sets of lights pinched in 12 months :-(


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Yes still guttered, Don't want to go for Cheapies so will try my hardest to "discourage a re occurrence.

Makes you wonder why people (using the term loosely) don't realize the hard work that we put in to buy our stuff and they think they can just take it.

We had it egged a couple of times which i thought was bad enough



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sorry to hear mate, there sure are some dead bets out there thats for sure !!
I've had aireal knocked off, spotties, my spare from underneth and someone even had a go at my steel winch bar ( yes it had a warn on it ) but they must have got interupted. Now i have tac welds on almost everything that someone might want to add to there collection and 401 lock tight works or at least slow them down. another thing you can do ( providing the nuts are not nylocks ) is grind the nut so that they are round so that you have to use a pair of vice grips to tighten and loosen them, pain in the arse i know but i think of the coin that it saves not having to replace the stolen parts !!