Oxley Wild Rivers/New England NP


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Hi all

We are heading north to Coffs from Sydney on boxing day and have 4 nights to spend before we head back south for new years. I'm thinking of turning inland at Port Macquarie and heading up through Oxley Wild Rivers, Carrai, Cunnawarra, New England and Dorrigo National Parks and finishing at Coffs Harbour.

Just wondering what the availabilty of vehicle based camping is in these areas. There are a few main areas listed on NP website but I'd imagine they're going to be pretty busy at that time of year. Are there lot's of unofficial areas where you can just stop and setup for the night? Looks to me like there are a few different creeks and rivers that run through there so I'd imagine there'd be some great spots if you're allowed to camp. Going to try and make some sort of plan so any suggestions for camping areas would be great


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Done a few trips up that way over the last couple of years. If you are coming in around the Pt Macquarie area & heading north up to say Carrai NP there are a few options along the way.

No 1 Firetower in Bellangry State Forest about an hour north of Wauchope.
Wild Bull & The Bluff in Mt Boss State Forest - on the Wilson River - not very large camps, may be busy. Not far from No 1.
Brushy Mtn & Plateau Beech campsites in Werrikimbe NP - usually busy around holidays.

If you head north up Spokes Trail there is camping at Kookaburra Huts at the junction with Carrai Rd - State Forest - usually empty.
Daisy Plains Huts at the junction of Spokes Trail & Cochrane Rd - Huts are free to use, first in bases. Plenty of room around the huts for camping.
We have camped at Marys View Lookout carpark a couple of times, don`t know if you are allowed or not.

Wauchope to Marys View would be a full days drive. No through road from Marys Veiw, have to come back to Kookaburra to head north again.

Hope that helps you out to get started. Can send you some waypoints if needed.


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Thanks for the info, The Bluff and/or Wild bull look like great spots to aim for for our first night, about 6 hours on the road. There's only 2 cars in our group so we should be able to squeeze in somewhere if it's busy.

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I can do from the Armidale-Kempsey Road north...

There are some trails that link the Oxley to the Armidale-Kempsey road; once on the Kempsey road there are 2 options - one stay on the low side of the range and hug the river and weave your way across that way towards Bellingen (some of the Adventure Rider motorbike routes go that way).

Cunnawarra National Park and a good chunk of Oxley are Wilderness areas, so there is no vehicular access to them.

Let me know if you've got any more questions, I'm in Armidale so know the area reasonably well, and if I don't now a spot, I know people who do.


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Thanks, probably won't go as far west as Cunnawarra. North of Kempsey we'll probably look to go through Taylors Arm and maybe through Mistake SF onto Kosekai Rd which looks like it might have some good views along it. Then head towards Bellingen and onto Coffs. Any good camping spots in that area?

We'll be wanting to do some harder 4wd stuff but nothing too extreme, my cousin who is the other vehicle is heading onto Byron for NY then Fraser Island after that. I'm sure there are plenty of tracks up there that could prove a bit of a challenge.


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Taylors Arm and maybe through Mistake SF onto Kosekai Rd
There is a section just after the intersection of Kosekai & Springs Rd if you head west on Springs Rd called "Jacobs Ladder" that is quite steep & might give you a bit of a challenge. Bypass east on Springs Rd if needed . The rest is just winding dirt roads. Might find some tracks in the State Forests past KillieKrankie. No info on camping up that way, only Roses Park at Thora that I know of.

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Got some more time now - ended up heading out to a mate's place last night who is one of the guys who knows the tracks out there welll (and his lad is heading the same way)

One of the Dual Sport discs I have has a route from Willawarin across to Bellingen via Taylors Arm, Mistake SF, Argents Hill, Killiekrankie Mtn, Scotchman SF and then into Bellingen. Works out at about 165km, there's another 140km section before that on the disc which they say makes it a 7.5hr ride, so I suspect it might be a solid half day trip. That section picks up at Ginger's Creek on the Oxley, so could be a good start and I think it picks up the bits that Ditch included.

Accommodation for that might be around Willawarin (check Wikicamps)