Overheating (Pulley Ratios)


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I have just joined up as I have a new Toy - FJ Series 40 Landcruiser. I am currently ironing out the bugs atm he has been neglected a fair bit.

It has been engineered with a 351 Cleveland. It has an overheating problem that I have been trouble shooting and have to the theory that it is being cause by ( I think Its called ) overspeed water flow - the Harmonis balancer is twice the size of the water pump pulley.

I have been able to keep cool by restricting flow. So I am on the hunt for the correct size pulleys for Both. Any feedback would be great, I have seen that 1:1 to 1:1.25 seems to be optimium once again please correct if Im not on the right track.

I guess my question is can anyone give me more info on above or any tips on where to get pulleys that would fit 351C, with short water pump.

Anyway Once I have this fixed up I am wondering if there are any volunteers around the central coast who might be interested in introducing me to some local tracks.