Over heating issue Pk Ranger

Les PK Ranger

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Probably mentioned somewhere else, but seeing as I'm here...

How do you rate this unit, Les?


Good Mark, all specs are same as Provent 200, and it’s always taken out good reusable condensed mist no problems.

I simply ran a length of suitable solvent rated hose down to a brass tap, and this hose holds holds a good 80ml or so, mare than enough to probably do between services, but I drain it every 3 or 4 thousand km.


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Cooler just needs removing to see if there's any leaking, you might even see leaking if you get it road temps and take off the engine cover.
Looking from the front it's the silver long square section tube at RH side of head, 2 rubber hoses coming into it from the front of vehicle.

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I think they CAN leak internally, so maybe remove and do a light pressure test with low pressure air from a compressor, while holding cooler body in a bucket of water.

If you ever fix the EGR with elec module (and blank plate for good measure and safety), you can remove those pipes, put a couple of 9mm ball bearings into those hoses with a little sikaflex for sealing, reattach with clamps to keep looking normal.
The EGR cooling is independent of the cooling system, ie it's its own little bit so you can just block them.
Hi ive unhooked the rubber hoses and joined them together as the video above suggested and it test drived supprisingly better my querrie is can i leave this as is but also note exhaust fumes coming from egr.is it possible to block or run hosing to lower area strapped off
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