Outback mud


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I can confirm this is accurate. You don't get slipperier or stickier mud anywhere, and it sets like concrete -

I'm not so sure about that! The river drive in Kinchega National Park (Darling River) was the slipperiest I've come across in 30 years, and I'm sure it's still the same. That was 25 years ago and the Darling got me again 10 years later, similar ***t north of Wilcannia and I was going nowhere in the work Landcruiser. Just slept in the car overnight and waited for things to dry a little :) Pretty nasty those black clay soil river flats!


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No wonder they close the inside track for months at a time.

It made me glad I have a T Van over a soft top camper too. :)


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I got caught on a road like that once. 120km looking out the side window with wheels in opposite ruts


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I got caught on that exact same track in 2013. There hadn't been rain there for 18 months, until the night we stayed at Mungarannie. The inside track was, well lets say, interesting. Cheers for the vid, brings back great memories


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Laura to Normanton 2006. 600km of not much fun. Mobs of cattle and pigs on the road because it was the highest place. At least the water was deep enough to wash the vehicles off somewhat every 20 minutes or so.
Does anybody want to discuss the merits of mud tyres on touring vehicles? Fat tyres vs skinny? I would have loved a set of skinny mud tyres for that run, on the car AND the camper. I was turned around 360 degrees 4-5 times.

I’m with Colly18 though, there is no worse place than on wet black soil. It is soul destroying stuff.



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mud like this is nasty indeed...took ages to get rid of it


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