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G'day Adventurers

I'm not too sure if this post can be taken as being a note worthy trip, but being where I was with the wife at the time, was superb, simply because the Pilbara is magnificent at this time of year.

Admittedly, driving somewhere close to 34 kilometres out of town doesn't constitute an epic drive but it was nice to get to where we had a commanding view over the region, spectacular vistas, brilliant geology all achieved with a steady low range crawl up onto a prominent 'bulge' in the Ophthalmia Range.


The images above are of the northern flanks of Mount Newman.
The images below are from the summit of the 'bulge' in the Ophthalmia Range.
Looking back at Mount Newman.

Safe travels : Joe

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G'day and thanks Adventurers, I am very biased when it comes to the Pilbara, I agree the colours are magical in the 'golden hours' ~ early morning or late afternoon, even the geology has colours, you just need to look around.


Safe travels : Joe Fury


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G'day Adventurers.
Yes indeed, the tyranny of distance is and can be a huge logistical issue when it comes to travel, that's why I've never been to the Moon, though the kilometres logged, under my bum in the Land Cruiser, I'm doing the return trip from the Moon.

Honestly it makes me wonder at the effort/expense folks put into their vehicles to get them to a tourer/explorer balls and all off road challenge capable beast and then fail to experience some place else because time is the enemy. I'm not having a go at you Shane, many of your adventures in the search of remote geo-cache's are mind boggling and I for one genuinely appreciate the effort and all kudos to you in achieving your goals.

There are a few other notable Adventurous Earthlings, some I've met in the flesh some who are only key board/computer screen explorers, but you all manage to take us on the journey you care to share, you simply inspire and stir imagination, thank you.

These images will be the last for my 'out and about' post, only because things are already underway to change much of what you have seen and appreciated.

Time and distance is NOT really the enemy, but apathy is.



Safe travels : Joe Fury


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Honestly it makes me wonder at the effort/expense folks put into their vehicles to get them to a tourer/explorer balls and all off road challenge capable beast and then fail to experience some place else because time is the enemy.

No offence taken Joe but with over 100,000Km's of gps logged trips away now under my bum, I reckon I'm holding my own just fine. I'm coming up to the equivalent of 3 times around the globe. A damn sight more than most who also hold down a full time job I think you will agree. In the first 6 months of the year, I've travelled 10,500Km's and spent 34 nights in the swag. Unfortunately, the Pilbara never made the cut, but the Gascoyne did.

So let me rephrase my original comment then.

With a wealth of places to visit, I'm struggling at present to pick a Pilbara location, because I have so much choice. Whilst I recognise the need to get up there again, timing of my leave is also a key factor in that decision. My next leave is in November - for me, that is a red mark against the Pilbara. The prime Pilbara months to visit, I had to work this year. Rest assured though, come November, my "expensively" set up tourer will be dirty again, just not in the Pilbara.

The next 3 years should be insane. With long service due, I will split this over 3 years and unless fate deals a cruel blow, I will have 3 months per year for 3 years to travel. I reckon I may be sharing a campfire with you and Maurice next year. Nothing planned as yet, but open to suggestions.

Time is an enemy, but it doesn't mean I fail in any experience.
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I just spent 10 days up in the Pilbara. Kalgan Pool, Running Waters, Carawine Gorge, Rudall River :D View attachment 62408
Kalgan Pool moon rising

G'day RainmanWA

Crafty way you've chosen to portray Kalgan Pool, maybe your image title should be Kalgan Cliff.

I understand why you chose not to show the pool it self, under mine aquifer dewatering and a worse than below average wet season have all but destroyed the once very beautiful pool, which in fact was featured in the acclaimed Australian movie ~ The Japanese Story ~ starring Toni Collette a the Japanese bloke, who broke his neck when he dived head first into the pool.

Kalgan Pool ~ the Movie Star.

Kalgan Pool~ June 2019

Sad as what it really is today, maybe a good wet season rain event will restore and help retain the water level, I'm only speculating, because the last real Wet Season this part of the Pilbara actually experienced was back in the 1999/2000 season when we had a rain gauging in the order of 1.2 metres ~ Jack Diddly from the clouds since then.

Safe travels : Joe Fury


Yep Kalgan Pool was in a sorry state compared to the last time I was there in 2007, but the long water crossing in was good fun. I actually drove in right beside the pool instead of using the wheel rutted entry point to the left as I had a load of wood on the roof.

It was definitely dry up there with no water in Jarra Pool and most others dry as well, but Watrara Pool had a bit of water in it.