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Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by Johno16, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Johno16

    Johno16 New Member


    Looking for some tracks to try in the Otways.

  2. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    What type of tracks mate.

    Hard or easy
  3. Johno16

    Johno16 New Member

    Easy to Med to start with just like to have look around Sunday then go out longer next time
  4. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

    Otways is fairly large. Hundreds of tracks. More than two weeks of solid driving to be had. Hema have a great map of the area.

    Beauchamp falls is near a lot of options.

    Timing plays a role, one trip i happened to go just before the winter closures, and it was very wet, slippery, muddy (and fun).
  5. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    I frequented the area years ago when tracks like clear water and noonday were still open, now a lot of those tracks are closed for good, there is a lot of dirt rd to drive but track wise dunno if you would find 2 weeks solid entertainment.

    Even 10 years ago the likes of redwater and Calder ridge were already closed off for good
    tracks like kennit wye jeep were closed for years and eventually re routed

    No idea when all the tracks down at the cape were shut but it was well before my time

    It's a shame 15 years ago we could drive all the way to Cray fish bay
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  6. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

    All i know is that there were closed tracks, and i wished i could drive on them.

    I did some research before i went there for the first time and was expecting to struggle to find 4wd tracks, but we found heaps.

    Maybe some 2wd tracks have deteriorated into 4wd tracks? Some 2wd tracks become 4wd when its really wet and slippery.
  7. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Up there the Main roads turn to bog after decent rain
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