O'Tooles - 10th Annual Gathering - 2017


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Sunday afternoon saw Grey Ghost and Davidman met at the Longwarry Service Station ready to head into the 10th Annual Victorian Gathering. Brian had the Starcraft caravan on the back and I had the new caravan on the back of my patrol. Doing the gathering in style this year. WE arrived around 4PM and met Croozer (Bruce) who had arrived a little bit earlier. All in all, not a bad trip in, think we missed most of the weekend traffic on the tracks.

The first night ended about 3:30 AM after maybe one or two drinks.

Looking forward to everyone else arriving over the next few days for a great 10th Annual Gathering


Monday was a bit of a slow start at camp. Spent the day clearing the river of trees and so on so that theduck race can take place. Also cleaned the camp and the river banks of all the ‘white flowers’ that people had left there, disgusting.

Matt (Outrage) turned up around tea time and will join us in waiting for more to arrive.


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Grey Ghost

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Well today started as another nice quiet day in the high country, after a lazy breakfast we hopped in and cleared out the river so we can get some good duck chutes and duck dragways happening for Saturday's big race.
Soon enough the maintenance crews started arriving to look after the loos and mow the lawns, big thanks to Madlandy (Craig) and Rob F on the ride on mower and being general groundskeepers.
Starting to see more people rolling in today with the weather holding nicely too.


Sean Logue

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So disappointed:( , Misses and I so wanted to come to 10th Annual so bad. Being our first to , we have to move this weekend now :mad:. Owners want to sell , we found a awesome house we had to grab before someone else.


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A couple pics.
Thompson Dam on Monday arvo on the way in.

Lizard at the exit of Donnelly Creek at The Junction

Ducklings with mum & dad


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Now the weekend is over and most of us are back to reality, this year we are donating $1140 to Erica Kindergarten. A great amount raised and a big thank you to everyone who donated, enter the raffle, bought ducks, stickers and stubby holders. We donated $700 to the Kinder a few years ago and they were very grateful. I am certain they will be again this time around. Again, thanks to everyone involved.


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Well I got close to being at the gathering.Only to head home early on Friday morning due to a home invasion.Lucky that we were still in phone range due to the problems with one of our SA crews car.
Just a big thanks to the SA crew that I shared the adventure with.Had a great time , especially the shopping experience whilst waiting for the repairs to be finalized.
and look forward to the next time we can get to gether.