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Hey Guys,I just noticed you dont seem to mention Orux Maps at all. Over here in Dubai we use it extensively aside of our dedicated Garmin Devices.

It's a great app for 4x4 wheeling. I have the apk file and a great patch which will enable you to access Google earth through the app allowing you to see the trail very clearly.

Admin, please advise if its ok to add APK files here. You can download latest Orux Maps (Paid APP) and the patch may work but am not sure.

the patch works with the older version which I will post once Admin allows. Look forward to your kind confirmation.

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Its called illegal file sharing in Australia.Your post would be more suitable on a gps hacking site. Plus there a risks using APK files outside of Google Play , you can end up with harmful files on your phone or device . Apk app files like this stolen from Google Play can be rewritten to contain malware , change your privacy setting and push adds to your home screen.
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OruxMaps is available free of charge from their web site https://www.oruxmaps.com/cs/en/more/downloads also a paid version is available of Google Play for $5.99 in the Google Play, which is far better way to obtain Oruxmaps. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orux.oruxmapsDonate -- I do own the paid version and can recommend it, although these days I do use Locus Maps

I suggest to anyone do not accept hacked or modified APK file off any untrusted sources, this includes from the member "Mosalf" or any other dodgy websites as that could could work out to be the most costly $5.99 you could save, costing you your lost identity, or a bricked device.
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