Ormeau Hills Track

id like to head out, living nearby this would be handy
is the main track that is legal worth it? i dont need anything hectic, just a fun couple hours close to home would be great

hard to go off the track page as most havent been updated by drivers for several years now
Main loop is pretty chopped out at the moment in a couple of sections which makes for quite difficult driving. Rest of it is pretty tame. Good for a quick squirt but as has been said here previously, all the side trails are off limits. I live in Ormeau Hills and run a not for profit 4X4 club, East Coast Offroad. We do monthly trips for members and two large charity events a year. Contact us via Facebook if you would like more information.
We went sunday afternoon
Very short track....tougher than i was expecting
We turned around at a steep very rutted part
A guy in a stock 4by broke a cv and popped a rim on a side track (i thought they were off limits so we didnt go off the main track)
Passed about 20 other cars in the time i was there so its very popular