Options for rated recovery points for mk triton

Mick w

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Hi everyone
I’m looking to get my 03 mk v6 petrol dual cab Mitsubishi triton setup to hit some 4x4 tracks
I’m looking at some recovery gear and my options for rated recovery points at the front of the car as I’ve only got the factory tow/tie down points.
I’ve searched for hours through the web with no success and even looked at swapping out the bullbar I have with a bar that has rated recovery points attached, only bar I can find for the mk that comes close is the xrox bar, but those recovery points are just screwed in eyelets and wouldn’t think they would hold up to a snatch if it was required.
Ive even spoken to a couple of welders/fabricators to get some recovery points made up but they weren’t interested as I mentioned I wanted them engineered to keep my insurance company happy if something was to go wrong when doing a recovery.
what have other mk triton owners done in getting rated recovery points at the front of there vehicles
I would greatly appreciate any advice on this issue
Thanks in advance
Mick w


Im in the same situation with my 04 Hilux.
The new 05 model isnt a problem.
Looks like using unrated gear up till then was ok ….

Goodluck fellas