Opinions on two 4x4's I looked at please, are these bad signs?


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So I have looked at a 2005 extra cab 3l Toyota (private $18,000) and a 2013 dual cab 2.5l Triton (dealer $20,000), both diesels
I really like the extra cab Toyota as the back didnt seem to be that much smaller than the Triton dual cab but much bigger tray, but because the windows dont open in the back it means the dog cant stick his head out..........
After following the advice I was given in my previous thread I had a good look underneath both of them and I couldnt see any major dings or dents in anything but i did see rust and some scratches but how serious are they?
4 Pics of the hilux - 11 Pics of the triton -
The scratches on the Triton chassis went pretty much the full length from the front to the back of the car on both sides

Also there were a few scratches on the outside of the Triton, that to me looked like they went down to the metal, and the driver seat is a bit torn, the dealer said he knew the previous owner and he said it
had seat covers on from day one and it was the seat covers that had ripped the seat (???)
hadnt been offroad but was a work ute

The dealer includes a 3 year warranty but it only covers 3 repairs in that 3 year period and only up to $1,000 each time, so is that really worth anything?

Is the rust underneath a bad sign or just to be expected and is normal?

As usual any and all info useful to me as I just learning all this

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G'day mate, the rust in the Hilux doesn't look too bad at the moment -but in a few years could turn into a problem if not sorted out....the Triton I would avoid like the plague, not because of the car but because the dealer is talking shit, funny how they always know the previous owner ! and SEAT COVERS ARE MADE TO PROTECT SEATS so how they could rip them is a joke............My personal opinion is for the price you could find the same model cars in better condition, there are lots of 4x4's out there for sale don't rush into buying something your not 100% sure of.


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20K for a 8 year old triton with ripped seats and scratches to metal and your asking if its worth it??
There will be much better examples out there so keep looking, the condition of trim and body is generally a good representation of mechanical as well.
I would also walk away from any car with that much rust unless you want to spend significant time and or $$ fixing it


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I cant open the triton pics. If the triton has deep scratches the length of the chassis it suggests to me the previous owner had limited mechanical sympathy for their vehicle or worked it hard off road. Either way I would pass.

The Hilux is showing its age. If you are chasing rust prevention from day one it won't get better with time. I would pass on that one too.

Don't be disheartened. It took 4 months and a 600km drive to find exactly what I wanted in a used 4wd. You should be able to find a low km GLX-R Triton in good nick for the coin you are talking.


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Here are the Triton pics again if you click on the box they should appear this time, not sure why they arent embedded here like the Hilux though

I was looking on Redbook and the Hilux was 13.4k for that kms and the Triton was 20k for that kms.

As i was writing my first post I had come to the conclusion that I didnt think either of these were great value but wanted to make sure my logic was correct and see what people thought regarding the rust etc.

Is it realistic to expect to find a 6-10 year old 4x4 that is rust free?

I have cash ready and I'm not in a great rush so I can wait, even til next summer, for the right car

and yeah what he said about the seat covers damaging the seats made me rather suspicious to say the least.... haha
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You'd expect a bit of surface rust, but that is 'I flogged it up a beach or around a mine site and didn't care' rust.

This is was taken under mine this arvo, 1 owner 2013 BT50 with 175000k's on it. The Cape, Stockton Beach, Fraiser Is, Wattagans and a couple of trips out west, but it was looked after in between, well mostly, its filthy now and still has Sundown NP all over it.
It has a bit of surface stuff where the gravel off the wheels has knocked the chassis black off, but the other side is still pretty good and no pitting like you saw on the Triton tow bar.

Be wary of something that has fresh paint under it too as it can hide a multitude of sins. A guy at work bought a ute with fresh black paint under it, we put it on the hoist and they had painted over fist sized lumps of red mud and spiders, but it looked good from a distance.

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I would avoid both of them - the HiLux rust is widespread and starting to look like going through metal soon - I suspect repeated beach driving with a none too good wash afterwards. The bend in that rail worries me a bit too and I would think a new tray would be needed.
As for the Triton - I agree with the others - the dealer is treating you like an idiot and the lack of body care suggests a lack of overall care.


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You'd expect a bit of surface rust, but that is 'I flogged it up a beach or around a mine site and didn't care' rust.
Haha love it!!

Thanks for the pics, gives me something solid to compare against

Thanks for everyone's comments and advice, much appreciated!!


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Thanks for loading the pics again Crackin. Like Hoyks said, give it a miss mate. It hasn't been looked after. No doubt the servicing would be questionable too.