OME EFS Combination


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Hi all

Had a 2 inch lift done via torsion bar wind up with new OME nitro sport shocks in 2011.
Its all sagged again as expected as its been awhile and she towed a camper around Auzzie in 2012.
Was thinking of replacing factory torsion bars and rear springs with EFS bars and comfort/medium rate springs.
Question is...... how will the OME shocks go with a fresh lift?
Its an 03 ln167r dual cab hilux.

Thanks all!!!


I have an 04 Hilux, fitted Tough Dog suspension all around at Xmas, lifted 2 inches and have the original torsion bars, I lifted the front a few weeks ago so will have to see what happens, I suspect not much, but would change to T. D torsion bars if I have too..



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If you had shocks fitted in 2011 and have done big lap, I might suggest OME shocks are shagged anyway. Replace the lot.