Old Peake


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Firstly can I clear up the difference between Peake Homestead and Old Peake? Are they both ruins? I think Old Peake is the one most people talk about visiting and the description (first link) on ExplorOz is wrong ?

How is the road to Old Peake? I've read reports suggesting it's 1hr each way and pretty rough, it's apparently 15km? Can a camper trailer be taken along it?

Where is the best place to camp in that area? We will be coming from likely Curdimurka or Coward Springs, so about 190km. Maybe Edward Creek siding or Warrina Siding or can you camp closer to Old Peake?


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Does look like a bit of confusion in those pages

Id think the telegraph station is the more popular place to visit as its very well sign posted on the track

Most of tracks out there off the main track tend to be pretty rough as they dont get graded as often but unless there is heaps of rain (which would close it anyway) i cant see you having a problem with a camper. Hour sounds on the high end but not driven that particular track.

You could make it Algebuckina to camp unless your really taking your time

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The ExplorOz links may be correct, I can't recall having been into Peake as marked on my maps, the more southerly of the two, which is the possibly old homestead marked with an angled access track to it both ways from Oodnadatta Tk, like this to the east >

On Hema GDT South map, there is Peake, a homestead either used or abandoned, though the property could be under another larger group in the area.
It has a 15km southern track and 15km northern track from Ood Tk, and the northern track has a ruin marked on it on the 250k topo.

Old Peake is the old Tele Stn (16km in and out, one track), the track in is bumpy, but taking your time a decent camper would be fine.
There is a smaller hut ruin close to the Old Peake telegraph station ruins, but so close I'd really call it in the same place.
It is worth a visit for sure.


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Does look like a bit of confusion in those pages
You could make it Algebuckina to camp unless your really taking your time
Yeah, that was my original plan, but now thinking to camp before doing Old Peake the next day. I figured we'd stop at a number of sidings and at William Creek for a bit and so we might be rushed to fit in Old Peake on the same day unless camping at or near the site, especially if it really is an hours drive in. There's no rush for Algebuckina anyway as we intend to stop at Arckaringa the next evening for sunset pics of The Painted Desert, and not sure there is much to look at between those two.

A Google Maps satellite image makes it clear link 1 above is the current active Peake Homestead and not a tourist destination.