Old machinery in the bush.


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One of our favourite places to explore & walk around is the old Heatherlie/Mt Difficult Freestone Quarry in the Grampians.
There is so much left to see. This is an important site as a lot of the stone was used in prominent buildings in Stawell & Melbourne including Parliament House , State Library , GPO , Supreme Court , Town Hall , Regent Theatre & others.
A must see for anyone travelling up that way , that likes this sort of history stuff :)





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Nice Work :)
They would have been cheap too .
They bought the tanks at auction at Bonegilla and then they both attended clearance auctions in Darwin and Alice Springs also in 1946. They bought ex army trucks in Darwin, loaded 'em up and drove a convoy home to Horsham. Both blokes were excellent bush mechanics and innovators. Uncle Doug was based in Darwin, Port Keats and Borneo during the War, and had a bit of inside info re surplus equipment, especially Yank stuff. He was in Darwin during Jap raids and never really spoke of his wartime experiences until a few years before he passed. Back in 1992 I invited him up home for the 50th anniversary of the first raid in Feb 1942, but he declined saying he had spent 50 years trying to forget that day.......he was a mechanic in the RAAF and experienced a few traumatic raids on airstrips down the track as well. And it was only fairly recently that blokes who served in Darwin were granted Active Service on their records and pensions.