Old Coach Rd - Princetown to Moonlight head update (NO PHOTOS)

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I'd post this quick update for anyone in the area. I had the opportunity to re-visit the old coach rd on the weekend, it apparently is seasonally closed but was still open on Saturday 22/6/19.

Have to say though, compared to when I did it last in Jan it was a completely different track. Some big washouts and steps that have formed and just before the end where it joins the road to Moonlight Head a big bog area that in Jan you could go around on the left side but now it's one big bog. Managed to get through ok, solo but wasn't sure.

Driving Pajero, AT tyres, 2" lift.

If you're in the area and after a short track with some technical sections among what otherwise easy driving it's worth checking out still while it remains open. No idea when they seasonally close it.

Had the family with me and was pushed for time so no photos sorry.