Ok short notice .. . .Jellore S/F this sunday15th

Need to get out and about... This will be a day trip on what should be dry medium tracks....
Please let me know on here if you would like to go ... need to work out numbers before Friday , maybe Saturday afternoon at the latest. . . . . .

New comer's are most welcome...
And yes if the car is stock... they will be able to do most of the tracks on the day .....
If we have more then 5 cars .. we can always split up into two groups. Just depends on the numbers...

Also if it seems like it will rain ... beware the tracks get very slippery and damage could happen.
You better take some food and a drink along... I'm not very good at finding bush tucker.. unless its at a super market.

If we don't get numbers up for this sunday (15th) then the trip could be on the 22nd... the following sunday

Meeting place will be at the twin servo's at Pheasants Nest , CH 18, at 7.30 am. Be leaving at 8.00 am and will be heading into the Jellore S/F by spring hill rd ... which s runs of the Wombeyan caves rd... My number if you need to contact me on sunday is 0410255040
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Ok trip done and dusted.. well it was really dusty... out there today.. ROMY was a little late as was I ,we ended up leaving at 8.30... will put up a trip report when i get photos done
OK to start with the day was dusty, and the tracks being dry , didn't put up any real challenges .. Romy did have a go-pro but lost it along with the harder tracks footage of the day... We both still think a group of 4 bikes out there on the day found it but wouldn't own up... seeing that they were the only ones that did drive along the same part of the track with in sec's of us.
Anyways the only footage we have is the last track of the day, , Romy seemed to be happy with his car and found out some of he and his car can do...
Didn't have to recover anyone and didn't do any Damage .. witch is always a good thing. We didn't see any other cars out on the tracks while we were there.. but did see three going into Jellore S/F as we where leaving.
Over all it was a good day.
Will need to pop out again soon with someone else that knows other tracks out there and see what there like.