Oilfield Dodge


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What a shocker :rolleyes:

tearing up the tracks, not travelling on the track but making his own - what was he thinking :eek: :D:D:D:D:D

What a great video, they certainly did it hard in those days

Thanks for sharing Joekar :)



Makes for a good demo on how "cheese cutter" tyres can work well in some mud situations too (cutting straight down to the harder base and finding traction instead of floating on top like wide tyres, or having to "dig in with the tread" like todays muddies)

Nice find mate


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ya reckon ??

MUCH as I hate yank tanks,
LETS see yer one cylinder 2576.24573 litre automatic V8 Toyota do that !!!!!!
Even with yer ..00000000000000000000000000000000000135 parsec lift kit !!!


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Bugger! I just bought two more of those stupid 2013 4x4 wide tyres! Ripped off again. But no worries, also bought three cheesecutters for a mate with a Troopy. Bargain at $45 for all three! - 3 split rims and good old tyres (1950s by the look of the tread pattern lol). I don't think he wants them. Can't wait to put em' on and get out there and do the impossible -like that old car!
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He had the rear steam powered locker engaged for sure :cool::p:D.
The dodge didnt even have a crease in the roof after the roll over.
Great ol vid, thanks for sharing.:)

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