Oh What A Feeling - Toyota Lemon

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dont get me wrong about the old 60 HJ Yota I had. bought it new in '84 and was sturdy, reliable and great for taking the family out and touring the great Aussie outback, but lots of thing had to be replace/repaired that you could argue was normal wear n tear. like brake master cylinder, clutch master and slave, brake cylinders, broken exhaust manifold studs (was the 2H engine), the gear shifter played up and couldnt change gears, the barn doors latch wore away fro shaking on corrugated roads. the suspension was crap and put new leaf springs and shocks in at 60,000. but was never a show stopper and I was easily able to take care of it, except once when the fuel sedimenter blocked up and had to get it towed. all the above happened at mileages where my Jeep TJ Wrangler is at now in mileage

with the Jeep I've had to replace the radiator and the water pump, tie rod ends, shocks, stabilizer cylinder (went OME on the shocks and stab so a bit of an upgrade) and recently front brake discs

with the new 79 series it is built like a tank and I like the V8 diesel, plus its still fairly simple and basic except for the addition of ABS. but its got an unbelievably shit radio, matter of fact my first car, a 1968 Ford Cortina had a better radio. but I like it as it doesnt have all that fancy stuff that packs up like the bloke with the 200 series advertised on gumtree. wouldnt touch one of the new Jeep Cherokees though