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Just wondering what tire brands do you guys use for offroading? I am looking for reliable tires that I can use for my ride. I found a lot of mud tires online, but quite skeptical what to purchase from those.

Les PK Ranger

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That's an american site mate, wouldn't be viable, plus you have to get them fitted / balanced / WA here anyway.
To be honest, asking what's a good off road tyre here is like asking most blokes here what sort of beer they like, you'll get some consensus, but you won't get a lot of help with a specific brand / type.

It's all going to come down to your driving, do you need mud tyres ??
If so, there's heaps of good ones out there, Maxxis Bighorns are great value, reading many posts about them.

If you are doing more general touring, the goo AT's are all you need, and generally these are better traction / quieter on the blacktop when travelling too.

There are a few brands that sort of ore pretty good in mud, but still fairly quiet on road, Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs for example.

Just get good quality LT (Light Truck) grade construction.

I'm sure you'll get a few replies, but I would also head over to the forums Tech talk Wheels & Tyres, and read up a bit.

Barra GU

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As les mentioned above i think it all comes down to personal choice and what you will be using it for.
I personally have chosen the bfg km2's second time round again as i believe they were perfect for my application.
The first set lasted me 65000 kay so was quite happy to choose those afain given there on and off road abilities.

I have had the mt117 extremes and big horns too and found that the extremes were awesome off road but lasted about 25000 kay if you ise them as an everyday tire too so probably not a good choice as they would be better as a tyre to slap on for that odd weekend away.

The big horns were an awesome tyre and i would definitely consider those as they are also a slightly cheaper option .
Also have mates running the khumos and they are quite happy with them and the price they paid for them too


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Horses for courses
Tyre range from mild to extream
Pros and cons for every one

Genral rule of thum the better it is when the going gets tuff the worse it is on the road

And when you get into bias tyres it another ball game again.


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Yeah I have Maxxis Bighorns, and have found them really good for the price, but they do wear quite quickly and this is on a lighter Hilux, so I can imagine them even worse on a heavier 4x4.