Ocam roof rack


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I bought this 6 months ago and have used it since. It has no problems but of course the powder coat has marks and chips as it is used for work. I'm now moving to another ocam rack but going for a flat version.

It's currently fitted to my triton but I'm selling this without the legs so you can fit to any crossbar or roof rail using U-Bolts which cost a few dollars each or if you want you can buy the legs specific for your car from OCAM.

This rack is fitted with 4 sets of quick fist clamps as can be seen holding shovels and broom in the photos and these will also go with it.

Pick up from Springvale South of free delivery within 50 kays of Springvale South, courier pickup is fine as long as you do all the organising.

For more info head to their website or ebay and have a look.

Asking $300ono