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Oberon Camp Spots

Discussion in 'Camping Areas' started by bushlux90, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. bushlux90

    bushlux90 Active Member

    As a local from Oberon i would like to share a few camp grounds. Some may require a bit of 4wd use to get there.
    I do not condone idiotic hero 4x4ers who are just plain awesome, I am sharing this information out of good will. I trust someone would share spots with me in the future. These spots have no room for know it alls, heros and awesome people.

    1. Karawina Reserve.
    Things to do
    How to get here?
    Heading towards Sydney from Oberon on Sydney road, about 12kms out you will cross the Duckmaloi bridge. Continue for 2 Kilometers and you will see a dirt road to the right that heads up a hill. This is Karawina road, follow this until you cross a cattle grid. Take the right turn when you get into the reserve. Once you have you will find your self on a slow decent until you get to the river.
    *Be care ful as idiots from Sydney have probably come up here with there Landcruisers with 6 inch lift kits and 35 tyres and wrecked up the place making tracks everywhere with knee deep ruts.*
    I find if you turn towards the left you will end up at the old bridge. If your veer right you will get to the main camp ground. Cattle have known to be grazing down here so its another precaution to take.
    Trout and Redfin can be caught down on the duckmaloi.

    2. Fish River.
    Things to do
    How to get here?
    Ok Flat rock is a good spot and is actually a designated camp ground, but another good little spot is the retaining walls at Tarana. It is a tight spot and you can only just fit 3 cars down here. There is no bins or anything so rubbish must go home with you. Dont be that hero from sydney and just assume that the girl guides will come and pick your rubbish up.
    Once you are in tarana, follow the road west from the pub. Keep going straight, if you turn left at mutton falls road, you have failed turn around and turn left back at tarana road. Follow this road for while until you cross the railway track at the quarrys. About 500 meters from here you will soon notice a huge retaining wall on the right and the river on the left. Here you will notice an access point down on the left. Trout can be caught and is also a good little swimming hole in summer.
    *No there is no 4x4 track, do not create one other wise you will ruin it for anyone just wanting to do some trout fishing.*

    3. Upper tuglow.
    This is a little secluded spot, out at shooters hill.
    Things to do
    *Motorbike Riding
    How to get here.
    Head out towards Shooters hill from oberon. Turn left on drogheda forest road about 20kms from oberon via butterfactory lane. Follow this for... until you pass Airstrip forest road which will be on the right. About 300 meters there will be a left turn. Take this turn and follow this until you get to the river. This will be the Tuglow river and the road will dog leg to the left, about 150 meters you will see an entrance on the right. Here you can camp and fish. there is also a ford you can drive through. This ford can be done in 2WD.

    Anyway if you would like more tips, tricks or want to know any good 4x4 tracks, fishing spots etc... PM me and i am more then happy to share with the right people.
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  2. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Mate, Dead keen to check some of these areas out! Much appreciate the inside knowledge! Maybe catch you out there for a beer at some point!
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  3. bushlux90

    bushlux90 Active Member

    Yeh well just PM me if you want more info...
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  4. twinwood

    twinwood New Member

    Bit late to the party but this is some great info, cheers for the share

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