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Listening to radio today and there was a story on an Instagram(whatever:eek:)page called ok motel,and I found the discussion to be really emotive,talking about those motels that hold special memories in our hearts.
As we have all and continue to travel great distances across this country at some time a motel sign appearing in the distance can lift your spirits in a way that is so unique,and in quite the opposite way if the "no vacancy sign" is lit up.:mad:
As a family we use to travel to mums home state of queensland every couple of years for xmas school holidays,i remember as a child warning Dad there was 'Water over the road",and how I learnt all about mirages and it seemed so extraordinary that water could just disappear.
Then breaking down with a broken axle in a Humber Hawk somewhere out near Dubbo and waving down the next passing car to give a message to the RAA equivalent in the next town to come get us,and one or two hours later they would.
The euphoria of a car travelling in the other direction from your home state when your 1,000kms from home,and the kind of kindred sprit that passes between strangers.Lights flashing,horns tooting and hands waving out the window,gosh what great days.
The motel plays a big part in those memories,i as a child was a Country Comfort kind of lad,which was like what BIG 4 is today to caravan parks.We would not stop at the country comfort of course it was on to the Budget Chain for us.
Now as a predominantly camper/caravan parker,the motel is still so important,because there are those days,where you just cant be fooked,rolling out the swag,putting up the tent.It makes me smile widely when I see a 4WD with all the gear on the roof racks parked in a country motel,sometimes only a real bed and shower will do.
So that's it,anyone else have similar memories of that motel at the end of a long hot day with sisters spewing up next to ya into the old freisa ice cream container,that has stuck with you.
Motel Glenworth in Toowoomba,motels in West Wyalong,Parkes,Forbes and occasionally on a made good time day Peak Hill.Those days are what makes me enjoy traveling so much today and I am so thankful for them:)


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I Remember the discussions between my parents that ALWAYS seemed to agree that we would keep traveling to the next Town / Motel / servo. It drove me nuts as a young kid and now when I have my boy in the car with me and I grin and say “we might just go to the next town / Servo / motel.

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The little door opens and the breakfast tray slides in. Who can forget that.
Yes the anticipation,and you lift the lid only to be confronted by egg yolks as hard as concrete!

One month on the road,last night, camper trailer in tow,getting dark,driven all day from Armidale and you see a sign at West Wyalong,60.00 bucks a room,dont have to twist my arm,and on check in I spot this welcome sign,now I am not into the whole adam and eve thing,the sentiment however is lovely.And the wonderful lady was even willing to cook us dinner,must have looked pretty ragged.


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I traveled for work for way too long to get excited about motels or dinner in pubs ever again. The only time I stayed in a motel as a kid was when the highway was cut in the floods.