NSW trip to Abercrombie River Nat Park

Blue Dog

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Just throwing out a feeler to see who would be intreseted in a day run at Abercrombie on Sunday the 20th of September 2009 TBC

The area is an easy to moderate run, low range would be required in some areas not overly rocky but steep climbs and decents. Dry weather only trip.

I will start the list

Blue Dog Hummer H3

teza h

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Hi Blue Dog! Yeh I mite be up for it,never done that one, big day,s driving from Campbelltown for me, with tracks and all. I'd have to make it an overnighter,but thats ok I'v got a good touring set up on the Pradi. Just wife & I not a prob.

Blue Dog

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Hi Teza h

Plenty of bush camping up that way, have a meeting spot at Oberon in the morning for breakfast before heading into the NP.
or If I can organise my work maybe change the date to the 19th the Saturday and those who wanted to stay the night could do so and head home the Sunday will see if more want to do the run and work out what would fit or some could do it as a two day and arrange a meeting spot sunday morning.
Will see who else are in at the end of next week and confirm a plan.


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Hey guys, I'd be interested to tag along on this trip, not 100% sure yet, will depend on work. I'd be coming from Camden so I have to agree with teza in regards to staying the night. Sat/Sun would work for me rather than Sun/Mon.


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We'd be interested in an overnight trip, but I need to check the track and see if I can get my trailer in there!!

Split pin

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hey no problem with the trailer we were in there about 4 months ago for an extended weekend. had no problem with the camper. We camped down near the beach. was great.