NSW Pre-Xmas Catch Up 19-20 November


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Def wont be making it this weekend guys to much to catch up on after the vic trip have a great weekend and merry xmas to you all
Come on Bugsy, you have done "Nothing" for the last week or so.:D
Have a GREAT Christmas Mate.:)


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Hey guys just a reminder that phone reception out there is patchy at best. If you can save the map and directions in the first post so you can find camp.


Great weekend, nothing better than catching up with some regular faces and meeting some new ones. My eldest daughter Caitlin got her first "Earth" experience and loved it..... thanks to all for making her feel like part of our family.
Cheers to Todd for organising this gathering. He does a lot of work for Earth and it is very much appreciated.

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Thanks to all for a great time.
I don't really care for horses, so I never would've checked the place out on my own. Turned out to be a nice spot.
It was hard to leave when I did, but hopefully next time I'll manage to stay for the whole event.
Nice videos too. You guys certainly don't waste time getting things uploaded. Was that rain I saw in one of them?:eek:

Anyway, here's my contribution.

Camp LX.

If I had to name this photo, I'd call it "Ring Barked". Not because of the trees in it, but because I just farted.

Following on the theme from the last one, I'd have to call this one "Dam Smelly!"

Not a great photo, but I had to share this next one.
If you look closely, two flies just happened to be in the foreground at the right moment to highlight Gavo's nipples.
It made me laugh.:D

Of the few shots I tried to take of the drones, this is the best one. It's bloody hard to track those things while they're screaming around.

Anticipating the moon.

It was only a partial moon, so I call this one "Left Cheek".

Around the fire...

The view from my swag on Friday night (Saturday morning).

And the goanna that sidetracked me on my way out Saturday.

Until next time.
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Thanks for a great trip. Was good to meet a few new faces as well as some older ones and have a good laugh. Very nice spot to camp. We had an awesome drive home too taking in the scenic route. Cant wait for the next one and I will certainly be there earlyier next time.


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Was good seeing everyone that we managed to see for the brief time we were there. Just enough to remind me what I've been missing out on lately. Hopefully won't be as long before I get out there and catch up with the usuals again.