NSW Crew trip to the VIC Gathering 2018


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havent been on the forum since mr rum left us and thought i would see how you nsw guys are going with the trip down to the gathering / i saw his post and had another wine / i was looking forward to going again but probably wont as i have too much going on and the ute has been due for some repairs which seem to get put off constantly / tray is falling to bits / the ingeegoodbee track is great and doable in a stock d22 / always wanted to do the haunted stream / hope you guys have a great trip and might catch up next year


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Work has turned to poo and might have to pull out , will know more after the week end but not looking great atm . :(:(:(


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:(:(:(:(:( maybe if i have a mental breakdown they will let me come !!!!!!!!o_O:confused:o_O:confused:o_O:confused:
safe travels guys !!! next one !, i'll be on the next one.