NSW Crew do Vic


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What a great vid and a perfect way to keep MR Rum with all of us :D
Good to see everyone had a great time and some nice looking new rigs :D


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Awesome vid, thank you!!
Must try a little harder to find the time to catch up for the trip down one year
@discomatt And that was the first half of the trip.
We covered the area from McKillops Bridge to Mansfield west, Buckland Valley North & Walhalla in the South all with our "No plan" method.
Around 1,500 kms in the VHC plus the down & back bit for us.
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Great video Toddy, thanks to everyone for a great trip..........
2019 VIC.trip 010.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 015.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 003.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 031.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 017.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 048.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 052.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 055.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 062.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 060.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 067.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 021.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 038.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 041.JPG
2019 VIC.trip 064.JPG


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Just sorted my photo's & here are a few of them.


Look what you guys could have had at Threadbo Diggings (Apart from the Gale) While I had to suffer in an Aircon Cabin in Jindy. (Barry Way just before the descent )

Bush Mechanics at it's best:-




If the guy who owned the small tent where we parked only knew what his wood pile did for us.:)



Jim doing the honors at the Bergoyne crossing.


Dicky doing his first of three crossings - Show off!


Olga & Jim relaxing at the fire on the Butchers Track 1,500 mtrs up & it's nice & warm!


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Some great pics Bill , can't wait for next year.
Many thanks to Dickie and Todd for taking us to Rummys final stop , it was sad but such a peaceful place while we were there , Im sure he was watching us and would've laughed as we each swigged that shitfull rum that Dickie bought along . :):):)
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