Nsw convoy to Otooles Vic big bash 10 year gathering 12/11/17


So just an update for those that aren't on the FB Earth page.
There has been more snow up top and some reports are that the summit walk is taking almost 8 hours. The walk is actually closed today and they are forecasting more snow for today, Friday and Sunday. If it remains like this then we will more than likely scrap the summit walk and just have a lazy morning out of the Diggings and head to Geehi for a relaxing day. We can also check out the river crossing at Tom Groggin. I will contact Thredbo Village next week about the walk.


One year i promise. And yous can hold me to it.
I will make it up there to fo the trip down with you all.
Dam it sounds great. See you all at otooles


So with only a few days to go the plan is still on for the summit walk on Saturday.
For those not camping with us at Thredbo Diggings on Friday night we will be leaving the around 8.30 on Saturday morning and meeting in the main car park in Thredbo Village by 9am. The chairlift starts at 9am so it will be good to get going with plenty of time for the return walk and a beer or 2 at the highest pub in Australia before getting the lift back down. Then we can head across to Geehi for camp.
Bomber will be there already with some fresh fish cooking for us!!!:cool::cool: