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NSW 2019 VHC Trip


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As most of your are aware the NSW 4x4 Earth guys n gals head down to the VIC annual gathering. We normally head down the week before and have a good tour around the high country.

So there doesn't seem to be a VIC annual gathering this year (there still might be one ? but nothing official yet). but we are still doing a 2019 high country trip.

At the last NSW 4x4 Earth trip we had a chat around the fire and decided to meet up at Mc Killops bridge camp ground on the Saturday 9th of November.

There is no real itinerary, just gunna wing it. much like last year we pull out the maps and sit around the fire with a beer or 2 and work out where everyone wants to go tomorrow.

Some are going for 1x week and a few will do 2 or more weeks.

If we end up with heaps of cars we will properly split into 2x groups and meet up for camp much like we did a few years ago.

If anyone wants to tag along feel free to meet up at Mc killops and come along.

If the VIC crew do decide to have a meet up we will no doubt rock up at where ever they decide to have it.


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on the Saturday 9th of November.
Wish I could joing you guys but that's bang smack in the middle of the busiest period of the year work wise.
Would have loved to do that Kosy walk to :(
Enjoy the trip all.

Sounds good.. I could have just done a 'like' but I am against the wasteful use of 'likes'...
Yeh putting in a 'like' just takes so much effort Barker, reminds me of a Seinfeld scene :D :p



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How many of the New South Welshmen are coming down to Vic and are you going to meet us at Skipworth?


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At this stage we have a meeting place & date & will wing it from there as we did last year, but no names at the moment.
We have appointed Kelly as our "Trip Leader" while she was away on Holidays, much to her surprise. :cool::D


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I'm bringing a mate along but will be hightailing it home on the friday before teh vic meet
Have just trialed ny new campfire toy at my granddaughters first birthday
It works !!!!]