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North to South and Back

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by muzza22au, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Well as some know myself, my girlfriend and my dog went on a trip for 5 weeks.
    The trip was to Tasmania from Jabiru in the NT.
    Here I will write a trip report as best I can and what we enjoyed about it and what was less enjoyable.
    This could be a long write up so keep checking in for updates.
  2. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Day 1. 8th November 2017
    Jabiru to Camp #1 Kunjarra - Devils Pebbles.
    [​IMG]Screenshot_20171214-231217 by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    The way I planned this trip was with the use of Wikicamps, and having a dog meant not visiting National Parks.
    Th first day I already knew was going to be a lot of driving on bitumen (971km). But this did not deter us as our destination was a very nice free camping site, Devils Pebbles which is located just north of Tennant Creek.
    Our boy Tank loves his road trips.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Set up at Devils Pebbles. It was an un-eventful drive.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Nearly one of the first things we set up is Tanks stretcher, this indicates to him that this is camp.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr

    Day 2
    Today we plan on driving to Henbury Meteor crater Conservation Park (670km) which is located south of Alice Springs.
    Here we plan to fill up in Alice Springs but find that half of the town has no power, meaning no fuel. We drive around and luckily find an operational service station. We fill up and head south from Alice to Henbury. The road into Henbury is gravel more or less starting from the turn off from Stuart Highway. Not a bad gravel road and no need to deflate our tyres.
    The camping plan was to camp in the park at the designated camping area. Well after arriving and checking out the rocky open camp spots we opted to find a more remote site with some shade. Just out of the Park but still on the access road we found an old track which led to a nice bush spot. Here we set up.
    Henbury Crater site, is not one but multiple impact sites.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Our bush camp (with shade)
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Tonight we decide to make damper and cook up a storm on the fire.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Damper cooked, nice and crunchy.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Tank enjoys stealing our chairs if we are not careful.
    by Scott Murray, on Flickr
  3. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Day 3
    Henbury to Lake Cadibarrawirracanna (662km)
    Today is another steady drive, nothing major happens.
    We start seeing lizards on the road, most dead from being run over.
    I see what looks like a rock on the road from a distance and avoid it. When I get closer I notice its not a rock. Could it be???
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Yep its a Thorny Devil, at first I think its ok. But then I notice the blood coming from its mouth, this amazing little fella has also been run over or clipped. Unsure what to do with it I place it off the road under a bush for shade, I thought about bringin it with us but we were along way from teh nearest animal hospital and thought this was the best action to take. I hope he recovered.
    We make it to our first border crossing.
    Tonight we sleep in South Australia.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Stopping at a rest stop to stretch our legs and for Tank to run around.
    Tank finds this bearded dragon under the shelter, after stopping Tank from trying to eat it I capture it and relocate him into nearby bushes away from harms way.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Next stop - Coober Pedy, what an interesting town. If you have not been there it is worth a look.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Oh and the dangers are real, watch your step here.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    Lake Cadibarrawirracanna is a salt lake which has water in it sometimes of the year, this time of year it is low with only a small amount.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr
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  4. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Looks like a great trip had by all mate ,
    Beautiful Photos :)
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  5. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Sure was mate, need to add all the rest yet. Just work keeps getting in the way ;)
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  6. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Nice report, pictures mate
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  7. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    Great report mate !!!
    Looks like you had a great time.

    Look forward to reading the rest
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  8. dabbler

    dabbler Member

    Some real WOW in those pictures. Thx for sharing.
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  9. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Stay tuned for the rest. Work seems to be getting in the way :)
  10. Minelabmaster

    Minelabmaster Member

    Fully agree,love the pics.
    Can I ask what brand RTT is it?
    Look forward to the rest of the report:)
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  11. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Its a Darche Panorama II, but I cannot recommend it as yet as have a few things replaced under warranty. These include, Annex floor, and the access ladder. But the warranty replacement by Darche is second to none and has been faultless.

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