Noob - points system and GPS coords


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The point system was introduced to stop spammers and encourage people to use the forums. Points cost nothing, only the time it takes to write a post. Get in the "new members" section, introduce yourself, go to the "off topic" and post whatever you like. Get up enough posts and you get the points. Simple!!

Ok so had a reply to my PM from Patriot and as I thought it has nothing to do with stopping spammers. It's purely to encourage participation. So in a way it's a method to encourage spamming from members.


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I'm surprised at that, I would've thought that that would work in Australia...

Sorry geocaching does work if I enable it but I not into GPS games in finding items. That may be useful for finding locations others have been but setting tracks into the GPS would do that..

The thing that doesn't work is WAAS as Australia hasn't implemented it. My bad :D


Hazza when u first posted I thought u were going to disappear real quick dissatisfied with having to gain points to down load tracks ect, I now congratulate u on hanging around and making this an interesting topic about something u seem to know a lot about, I also hope u are also getting something back. Cheers


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Personally I think the point system is good.
A lot of people just take and take and don't give back.
Hopefully I will be able to submit a few worthwhile contributions myself.


a list of ways to input was posted earlier in the thread - Why dont you try posting a track or somthing constructive for points? or have more of a input in some threads (like everybody else has - which is why this is such a great site IMO)

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I'm fine with it, got me talking about things and reading and learning a bit. Sounds good and hey, here is another point. :)


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Atleast its still all free...

Glad someone had started this thread... answered a lot of noob questions...

I personally know of a lot more tracks not on here... might share a few of the local ones to get the numbers up