nOOb member from WA


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Hi all,

New member from WA, took me a bit to finally getting on the forum after trolling through a lot of the threads.

Looking forward to catching up in the future.


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Currently a 2007 BT50 SDX D/C with AM/UHF dual tx/rx/scan CB, lightforce 170 strikers, ARB front bar with 9k warn winch, canopy, long range tank, side steps, dual batts and the usual reece hitch.

Just waiting on the paperwork to get finished from work and will have a 2008 GU ST Patrol instead :)


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it currently has factory front bar spotties, factory side steps and ARB rear dual wheel carrier.

Looking at turning it into a capable family tourer.

Upgrade the shockies and tyres and stereo
storage system
snorkel and dual battery system
full length rack

will see how funds go after that but would like to beef it up a bit if I can get away with it (tries to convince wife :) )
Haha yeh know what ya mean. Sound like will be a good rig plan on getting on any tracks out in wa ive only been to wedge and powerline track before.