No Rear Brake lights

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There should be a multi pin plug near the tail lights (behind the access covers that you should be able to unplug. Do the left one then test. Repeat with the right one. If the fault goes away then the problem is in the light fittings. If not then keep looking.
From memory the main loom in the hilux travels along one side of the vehicle cabin then goes through a gromet in the rear then follows the chassis before going back through another gromet to the tail lights. There should be a split junction at the rear near cross bar on the chassis which goes to the other light.
I could be wrong as it has been a while since I looked at a hilux but it might give you some where to start.
And yes it goes Batt, Fuse, Switch, globe, earth.
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Spent another couple of hours on it tonight, found a couple of small cuts in the wire coating behind the back of the other tail light unit. fixed these and the fuse is still blowing. I know that the issue cant be the globes or wiring in the tail lights as i have fixed them up good.
Have to go over the wiring underneath with a fine tooth comb....
See what happens tomorrow
Thanks for all the help guys, hopefully i can get this sorted without needing to take it to an Auto Elec.


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Check that the bulbs are seated properly. I have the spade type & if they dont sit neatly they are prone to blow....sound like an old girl i used to know..


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After three nights of messing around it was the wires from the little brake light in the canopy that had curled into the the join so opening and closing the canopy back window was chewing the wires to bits.
So now i have rewired the small brake light and it works but both the ute brake lights still dont work?
I tested both the plugs while the lights were disconnected and they are getting power so it has to be in the light unit.. the earth seems fine as the tail lights and indicators work fine...
If the new globes dont solve the problem then it has to be the wiring in the light unit.
Wow this has been a major pain in the arse...
Im going to replace the bulbs to see if thats the issue, they dont look busted but it