No Good Tyer Ware


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dont know if anyone has any ideas.. my front drivers side tyer started to ware unevenly if i look across the profile it is raised on one side then a bit further around it is worn.. have replaced wheel barings and new tyers and had a wheel alignment.. and is starting to ware again... anyone got any ideas???


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Sounds like you need to take it to a suspension specialist it maybe a camber/caster issue. Most local tyre places only do alignment for toe in/out


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yea will try that, i have done everything. new tyers wheel alignment. wheel barings king pin barings, new spindals. all new seals.. completley rebuilt the hubs....


if they're using old equipment it can give false readings putting your alignment out further, or they could be just bet is get it done when they're not too busy cos they'll spend a bit more care on it. i'd get another one done elsewhere check your tyre pressures beforehand ask them to adjust the camber or castor adjustments or else they probably wont do it. laser alignment is the only way to go these days.

run your hand over the wearing area if it feels like its wearing in a wave like shape(called feathering) it could be your shockers.


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Normally on an 80 series they wear the passenger side front quicker than the rest, my bet is you have a bent diff, go to a diff shop and get it checked, if it is bent then they can fix it for you, have you jumped the vehicle recently, doesn't need to be high to bend a diff, thats why all comp rigs have reinforcing on the diffs.